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Letters to the editor

August 1, 2001

Mayor Ken Hayes:

Hello, my name is Evan Leitnaker, I am 12 years old, and I live in Olathe, Kan. My grandparents, Kirby and Pinky Hayes, are residents here in Baldwin. I come here a lot and skate with my other skating friends in Baldwin. We are getting annoyed by police, citizens or employees of a business kicking us out of where we are skating.

Baldwin got a new city pool in not too long ago. Baldwin's next project should be a skate park. I don't know if this request is hard to fulfill or not but we 6-20 (or sometimes older) year olds need somewhere to skate without getting busted. Now, Olathe just got one in not too long ago. If you do try to follow this request, you can visit or research parks in Olathe, Lawrence, Topeka, Ottawa and Overland Park for ideas for the skate park.

If you did this you would make a lot of skaters lives less miserable. Please try to do this!

I will help if you consider to raise money at fund-raisers to build it!

Evan Leitnaker
Olathe, Kansas

To the editor:

We would like to send our appreciation to the Baldwin City Recreation Department for their help in allowing us to engage a girls basketball team in the Ottawa basketball league this summer. The recreation department provided us with a facility to practice in and jerseys for practicing, along with a lot of moral support. We truly realize this was beyond their line of duty and appreciate the unselfish efforts made to promote a group of girls wanting to better their skills in the off season. Our success in Ottawa showed not only in our second place standing, but in the tremendous advancement in skills both personally and as a team. We want you to know the girls worked extremely hard throughout the season and made your efforts worthwhile. What a wonderful thing to see goals and objectives met on behalf of our youth. We become successful by helping others become successful. Thanks Baldwin Rec for all you do!

From the team: Mackenzie Daigh, Luna Novelo, Katie Frank, Marie Ruona, Tessa Dick, Kelsey Verhaeghe, Katelyn Miles, Jessica Hill, Amy Craig, Ellie Meinen, Denise Orloff and Annie Hannon.
From the coaches: George Frank and Katie Skinner.

To the editor:

Citizens for Baldwin City would like to sincerely thank all of the people who helped with the July Fourth community celebration. Without the support of the whole community we would not have been able to stage this event.

The fireworks display was bigger and better than last year, and we hope to keep improving each time. Hopefully this event will last long into the future and continue to provide Baldwin City residents with an opportunity to celebrate this important day together.


Dana Robertson
President, CFBC

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