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Bash to benefit more than football

August 1, 2001

Although the Bulldog Bash was born out of the need to raise money to start junior high football, money raised form this year's event will potentially benefit Baldwin youngsters who participate in a variety of activities within the school district. According to Bash spokesman Rick Weaver, there are several reasons for broadening the scope of the event.

"Last year, there was a need to raise a good chunk of money ($15,000) to assist with junior high football start-up expenses. We'll need to kick in some money for equipment repair and replacement this year, but it will be only a few hundred dollars. Thus, there's an opportunity for quite a bit of money to be spread out to various groups and programs other than football because the football needs were primarily met last year," said Weaver.

According to Weaver, the Bulldog Bash has a surprisingly simple plan to "spread the wealth" and money generated from the Bash.

"Any organization or group associated with the school district is welcome to get involved with the Bash and the money they make will be determined by how many tickets they sell on a straight forward 50 percent commission basis. With tickets going for $25 per family, each ticket sold generates a profit of $12.50. The other half will go toward Bash expenses including printing, postage, equipment rental, food, advertisements, etc. If a group sells more tickets, they'll make more money. The main purpose is to expand the event to benefit as many Baldwin kids as possible," said Weaver.

The Bash has attempted to contact numerous school groups including sponsors of a variety of school activities ranging from athletics and music to student council and forensics. Individuals or groups that have not been contacted but want to get involved with sales should contact Weaver at 594-8422.

"I've got to think it's a great opportunity for a group to raise anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars. With the price being reduced from $50 to $25 to get an entire family into the Bash and the ballgame, it's a pretty good deal. Besides, if enough different groups can make a decent profit, I won't have to buy as many of those $8 stale cheese logs and $12 spicy sausages that I seem to load up on," said Weaver.

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