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Safety Day, etc., set for BHS

April 18, 2001

On Thursday, the freshmen and sophomores of Baldwin High School will be participating in their annual Community Clean-Up day. But instead of helping the underclassmen clean the community, Baldwin juniors and seniors will participate in a Safety Awareness Day.

The 203 students will be broken into six small groups (approximately 32 to each group) and given the opportunity to learn about general safety. The six groups will rotate through six stations that teach general safety measures.

Safety Day is a combined effort of the community and school. Law enforcement professionals from Baldwin City (and possibly surrounding areas) will be in attendance. Baldwin Student Council officers will help run the stations, as well as Baldwin FCCLA members. Local community members can also volunteer to help during Safety Day.

Some highlights of the day include seat belt relays, driving golf carts with fatal vision goggles and accident re-enactment.

During the seat belt relays, students will be timed to see how fast they can buckle their seat belts. Students will fasten their seatbelts as quickly as they can, then unfasten the seat belts and rotate to another seat. Once all students have been in each seat, the timer will be stopped and the fastest group will win the relay.

There will also be a driving course set up on the softball field next to the school. Students will then get into a cart with an adult and attempt to drive a golf cart successfully through the course while wearing fatal vision goggles. The goggles are supposed to skew their vision of the driving course, much like alcohol would inhibit the vision of a student who was driving under the influence of alcohol.

After lunch, students will be able to see an accident re-enactment. During the re-enactment, they will be able to tour a helicopter and other emergency vehicles that would be used in the case of a real accident.

To hear more about Safety Day, school Resource Officer Mike Gammage will be on KLZR be fore April 19 to promote the activity and explain the day's events.

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