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Here’s an update on season to come

April 18, 2001

As much as I enjoy writing about things like spring and ballroom dance and some of the more "fun" things that I have done, occasionally I must spend some time talking about the department and things that will be coming in the near future. I guess this is one of those weeks. Please don't think that I don't think this isn't fun, it just is more reporting than daydreaming, which I seem to love to do more as the years go by.

It doesn't take me telling you that it is almost summer again. Baseball teams are practicing and we are trying not to go crazy getting all the administrative details done that are necessary for the summer to go semi-smooth. I thought it might be a good idea to talk a little about the programs that we are offering and try to give everyone a head's up for the next few weeks.

Baseball and softball schedules should be finished within the week. Each of the leagues are working on getting them ready and we will then have a pretty good idea about what is happening at the ball fields on a nightly basis. In case you may not have heard, we are running neck and neck with last year on numbers of kids from Baldwin so that is good. We also have five teams playing in Lawrence leagues, which means that we will have a greater number of games here on our fields than we had last year. That is not so good. We have seven teams from Baldwin that must be scheduled on the Babe Ruth field this year. That could make it very difficult for anyone to practice on that field prior to about 10 p.m. once the games actually get underway. Our three fields should be going constantly during the summer, including Saturdays and Sundays. This will create some special problems in keeping them ready for play. It will work, but it will be "fun" getting everything scheduled.

The pool is the other major area that will keep all of us busy. We will be having swim lessons both morning and evening during most of June and July. Aqua Aerobics will have two times each day during the week and lap swim will also have two hours daily set aside for those who just want to exercise. Late nights on Friday and Saturday will keep the pool hopping. With the exception of about an hour at noon, the pool will have some kind of activity in it from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. most days, especially when the party season really gets going. We hope to have something for everyone in the community during this summer season.

Special community parties are scheduled for Memorial Day, July Fourth and early August that will have all kinds of extra stuff for the whole family. These will be special times when we gather as many as possible at the pool for old-fashioned community fun.

We will probably host about 40 private parties this summer also. If you are planning a party for anytime this summer, you will probably need to think about scheduling it as soon after May 1 as possible. Late July and August are always really full. Admittedly, June has more openings for parties, simply because summer ball takes up so much of the calendar for everyone.

Depending on interest, we are looking at summer tumbling classes, perhaps some indoor aerobics and maybe a day trip or two. I would really like to get at least one outdoor hiking trip put together and maybe a float or canoe trip, if we can get enough interest.

We also have tickets for area attractions like Worlds of Fun and Silver Dollar City. It might be such a thing that a trip to one of these places is on your list of family outings. We can help a little with discount tickets.

Whatever might happen with you this summer, the potential for us to be a part of your summer is almost certain. We are doing everything we can to make it a good one for you. We hope it proves to be that for you.

Monte the Dancing Bear como siempre El oso.

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