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BHS students learn about government

September 20, 2000

On Friday, the newly established seminar period at Baldwin High School was used for the benefit of all students taking government classes. State Rep. Ralph Tanner (R-Baldwin) presented to the students, which primarily consisted of juniors. He talked about how bills were passed and how we use politics in our everyday lives, even here at BHS.

"Mr. Tanner was very interesting. I learned a lot about how our school works," said junior Eric Black.

Politics are a part of everyone's daily lives, and almost every conversation has something to do with politics whether we realize it or not.

"I feel that this was an important issue for our kids. They should know how the making of bills are done. It is especially good to hear back from the people that were gracious enough to talk to us," said Joe Gresnick, BHS principal.

"We appreciate Mr. Tanner taking time to come and talk to our students. His concern in wanting our students to know as much as possible about the legislature is greatly appreciated," Gresnick said.

BHS will continue to use these seminar periods for speakers with educational purposes.

"We continue to look for people who'll come and educate our students on these issues," Gresnick said.

"We learned how a bill becomes a law," said junior Casey Millstein. "It was interesting. Speakers are a good way to use the seminar periods."

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