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A key to life

Former ambassador gives moral lesson

September 20, 2000

If Alan Keyes were a cowboy in a John Wayne movie, he'd be wearing a white hat. He might even be wearing a shiny badge, designating him as a protector of what is good and moral and lawful. And he'd be finding himself fighting quite a battle.

Keyes, a former U.S. ambassador and two-time Republican presidential candidate, spoke to a crowd of 800 people during Baker University's annual fall convocation Thursday. He brought with him the message of the need to restore morality in government and at home.

"We have always had to choose between right and wrong," Keyes said. "It is the greatest challenge before us today."

It is a platform Keyes has stood upon before, when other politicians tangled themselves in issues he considers "garbage."

"Important issues go begging, and we get into debates about subliminal messages," he said.

Keyes reflected hope in the future, in light of the constant advances in science and technology that he says are capable of producing "monstrosities" in the human race.

"They are the hardest battles to fight, the battles of moral conscious," Keyes said. "It is on that kind of battlefield our sense of decency will be decided."

Power makes some not just politicians hungry for a God-like status.

"There is a God, we are not him," Keyes warned.

Before he closed his 40-minute speech, Keyes gave the students and community members in the audience some advice.

"Whatever else you do, I hope you will realize in the year ahead and the years to come that each and every one of us bears a special responsibility to think through this moral dilemma where we have an intellectual, spiritual and a moral responsibility a universal responsibility to and for the humankind," said Keyes.

Baker president Daniel Lambert also addressed the crowd with words of hope. Lambert praised the heritage Baker was built on a heritage that is old, but never seems so.

Lambert and members of Baker's Board of Trustees presented Keyes with an honorary doctorate at the end of the convocation.

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