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Finally, it was a perfect day for horse ride

September 13, 2000

I have been waiting for cooler weather so that I could do one thing take my horse on a long, enjoyable trail ride.

Let me define enjoyable: No ticks. No horseflies. No biting flies with triangle-shaped wings. No chance of dying of a heat stroke. No chance of freezing. No gusts of winds. No rain.

You probably get the picture by now. I've been waiting for the perfect day.

Last Wednesday was close, and as soon I finished at work, I headed straight to the barn. I brushed the dust off Waldo, saddled him up and headed down the road to the Douglas County lake where I planned to ride across the dam and explore the other side of the lake.

We made it half way across the dam, when Waldo decided walking on a narrow strip of land above a big hole filled with water was a little bit scary. He stopped dead in his tracks and stayed there. Before I urged him on, another horse and rider came riding up from behind, and Waldo happily followed them across the rest of the dam.

It's a small world for two horses and riders on separate rides to meet up with each other on a dam of all places. But it was nice to have some company, and someone who knew the area and its trails.

I didn't even know there were trails around the lake. I doubt many people do, because they haven't been cleared of brush and tree limbs in quite some time and an overgrown evergreen stopped us from going too far on the trail.

Waldo was more than happy to cross the dam back toward home (a synonym for food), where we truly could call it a perfect ride.

Let me define perfect: No falls. No encounters with loud (therefore scary) motorcycles. No face-offs with mean dogs. No sudden change in the weather.


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