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Good job Baldwin City, ‘Bash’ was a success

September 6, 2000

Last Friday a good thing happened in Baldwin City. No, I'm not talking about the large amount of money that was raised to get junior high football off the ground. Financially, the Bulldog "Bash" was a success. The full $15,000 was raised in one shot and we even had a few bucks left over to give to the band. It was great to have the dough, but in my mind a bigger and much more important thing occurred Friday night in 100 degree temperature in a dusty parking lot.

The community of Baldwin City "united." It may have been only for an hour or so, but for that period of time, there were hundreds of Baldwin people "on the same page." I watched Supt. James White load up a big brat and he made a simple statement that hit the nail on the head when he said, "This thing has really brought the town together."

I didn't have the courage to watch and see if he squirted mustard all over himself on the first bite, but I'd have to agree with Supt. White. We certainly had a "cross-section" of Baldwin society represented at the "Bash." Usually, when you have a fund-raising project, the supporters are people with a "special interest." With maybe 50 kids coming out for junior high football, you might figure that there would be 50 families and a few close friends and relatives supporting the function.

WRONG there were a couple HUNDRED families and all kinds of people who could probably care less about junior high football. When ticket sales started, there were several people who didn't get involved because they "didn't have a kid who would be playing." On Friday, it was obvious that Baldwin got past the "my kid" thing in a big way.

Possibly even more interesting and impressive to me were the people who bought tickets and DIDN'T come to the "Bash." Ted Madl told me about a young BHS alum who came into The Lodge to buy a ticket a day before the "Bash" on his way out of town. The young man simply indicated that he wished junior high football was around when he was growing up.

When I was depositing a bunch of "Bash" checks in the bank, teller Gretchen Olson wrote out a check of her own to add to the deposit. She said that she wouldn't be able to make it but thought it was a good cause. Naturally, I immediately responded and told her that she was my favorite kind of buyer ... someone who gives money but won't show up to eat any of the food.

Yeah, the football game was a bit of a "downer." I could tell Mike Berg about my first year in coaching when my basketball team was down 29-0 at the half against Carroll, Iowa. I could also tell Mike about my first home game as a head coach against Perry, Iowa, when I started the game with FIVE technical fouls because I had all the numbers in the score book wrong. But hey, that's another story and I'm not even worried about Mike Berg. There's not a better young football coach around than Mike Berg and Baldwin is lucky to have him.

What really needs to be said is GOOD JOB Baldwin City! Give yourselves a pat on the back for pulling together and showing why Baldwin is a great place to live.

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