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Pharmacy chooses downtown location

October 18, 2000

A new business is slated to open in downtown Baldwin City on Nov. 1. The Barker Family Pharmacy will be located at 816 High Street, the former location of the Rebekah Lodge.

Zach Barker, who has lived just outside of Baldwin for years, and two of his children, Kenyon and Kristin, will open the business. Barker has been in the pharmacy business for 25 years and had been looking at a location in the Fire Tree Estate area, but decided not to wait any longer.

"It's not progressing as fast as we'd like," Barker said. "Now is the time for the pharmacy business. We want to get established and build a patient base.

"We think we'll end up on the highway, but not right now," he said. "The opportunity came up to rent this building and we said 'why not start now to get a patient base started.'"

With Baldwin's growth, the Barkers thought now is the time to start a business here.

"The way the community is growing, with the influx of people and the doctors at the Cotton-O'Neil Clinic, it just feels like the right time to open a pharmacy," he said.

It's also a dream of his.

"The family affair has been a dream of mine for a long time," said Barker. "Kristin said 'dad, why not start our own pharmacy?' so we are."

Kenyon will be the pharmacy technician, Kristin will handle the behind the scenes work and book keeping, while Zach will be the pharmacist. They plan to offer as much as the 650-700 square feet of space will allow.

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