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Halloween and ‘supermom’

October 11, 2000

What is Emily going to be for Halloween? That seems to be the looming question (yes, mostly from the grandmas).

Well, some moms view holidays as something to prepare for a year in advance. I take an approach not much different than how I do my job. I research, conduct interviews, jot down a few ideas and do the important work on deadline. At my job, those familiar with how a newspaper works would say "that's the business." In my life, it's called procrastination.

My first intention was to be supermom and make Emily a costume with my sewing machine, which is conveniently stored beneath my desk at work (don't ask). I got as far as the pattern aisle at Wal-Mart, where I realized none of the patterns looked as "simple" as the package promised.

I would have to buy her costume, so there was no need to think about it until October. Last week I learned, never take a 2-year-old down the costume aisle and expect her to make a choice. She wanted to be Winnie the Pooh, Blue (of Blue's Clues), Elmo and Tigger throwing all the costumes in the shopping cart.

We'll choose one, I told her until I looked at the price tags. Sixteen dollars for a flimsy piece of fabric? I decided to go back to the drawing board, and try the Internet.

With a few clicks of the mouse I found "how to make a Blue costume without sewing." And it sounded so easy. All I had to do was find a light blue jogging suit and glue bright blue felt circles onto it (yes, Blue is a blue dog with blue spots). Then I just needed to sew floppy ears onto a light blue stocking cap (with needle and thread, I can do that). A light blue tail (a sock would work nicely, it said) sewn on the pants would complete the costume. It looked so cute on the computer screen, and it would put me near supermom status (since it did involve some sewing).

A trip to at least three stores confirmed, of course, that they don't make light blue sweat suits, socks or stocking caps, and I gladly wrote a check for a Blue costume from the Halloween aisle.

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