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Corn maze features tour of Santa Fe Trail

October 4, 2000

A 5-acre corn maze west of Baldwin takes visitors on a whimsical tour of the Santa Fe Trail, and to some dead ends.

With string, draft paper and a lawn mower, Richard Rawlings, manager of Windmill Farms, designed the maze in the shape of a covered wagon. Along the path of the maze, Rawlings posted some familiar locations along the trail. Path-goers can look for "Council Grove," "Lost Gold" or "Lost Springs" (look for the old bed springs).

Windmill Farms, a nursery, is located just south of the intersection of U.S highways 56 and 59.

Rawlings said he planned on building the maze behind the nursery's barn, but a local farmer offered use of the corn field. Then he drew out a plan, used string to layout the designs and cleared a path with a lawn mower and a weedeater.

He didn't even know what it looked like until he saw it from an airplane.

"I was hoping it looked right," Rawlings said. "Then I flew over it and it did."

He named the maze "Lost on the Santa Fe Trail," because of its close proximity to the actual trail, and because of his interest in the trail.

Rawlings has maps available showing the route of the Santa Fe Trail. As for the maze, visitors have to find their own way through it even if means hitting a dead end or two.

The cost for using the maze is $5 for ages 13 and up, and $3 for ages 12 and under. Arrangements are available for groups. For more information, call 594-6786 or (785) 669-2526.

The maze is open through Oct. 31.

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