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I should have stayed in bed

November 29, 2000

Do you read your horoscope? I receive two different "readings" through my e-mail as a "service" to me. I really wonder about them. I have to admit that I really don't put a lot of stock into what they say, but normal curiosity keeps me reading them and at least to this point, I have not taken the trouble to get off the mailing list. They are instructive to me. I am absolutely convinced that my best approach to dealing with them is to read each one as attentively as possible and then expect just exactly the opposite.

For instance, the first one I read this morning informed me in glowingly descriptive phrases how I was at the peak of my mental powers, that concentration and the ability to be productive would be very high for the next few days, and that the planets were aligned in such a fashion as to make my job demands as smooth as possible. I should have gone home and gone back to bed.

Instead, I allowed O'Malley's Law (which states: "Murphy was an optimist!") to have the opportunity to be in full force for the day. Let me illustrate.

The coffee pot ran over. It was my own fault. I used the wrong measuring devise to "guess-timate" the amount of water to fill the pot. I also then forgot to put the coffee into the new filter, so the coffee was a trifle weak. When the coffee was finally about the right color, I let my attention wander and poured more of it on the counter than in the cup.

Then, I wished my working associate a Happy Birthday, only to find that today is NOT her birthday. At least I was early. I guess that is better than being late. It does however show a lack of either attention to detail or the ability to read. I am glad that I hadn't yet gotten a card or flowers or chocolates or some other appropriate gift for presentation on her arrival. It is easier to be dumb vocally, than to have to watch the recognition of such an occasion turn to laughter when the reason for the remembrance is finally revealed.

A bit later, I purposely checked a phone number, dialed it and upon reaching the answering machine at the number dialed, discovered that I had dialed my own phone. I then realized that I really didn't want to talk to me at all.

I almost made it out the door of the office to get signatures on items that I had already signed; looked high and low for my sunglasses, which were on my face at the time; and almost locked the door keeping Tammy and Chris locked inside.

I must admit that I did find Baker University and the office I needed with little difficulty. It is a good thing I was walking, since I probably would have ended up at my apartment, today being one of such mental alertness. To prove my point, after reading the directory that informed me of the location of the office I was attempting to find, I then asked directions to the room and was informed it was downstairs. The board had been very clear about that. I even remember reading it.

Fortunately for me and probably the editor who proofs this weakly rambling, I have spell check functioning all the time. I generally only have to re-write this a couple of times, but being at my full mental powers, I have needed to start over at least three times and most of the sentences at least four times. We won't even discuss the number of spelling and grammatical errors that I have been prompted to correct.

I am really anticipating the afternoon. Maybe the best thing to do is pull a Scarlet O'Hara and mutter something about tomorrow being a better day. Then maybe hiding in my room would make more sense. I do think that I will start reading my horoscope the day after it is presented. It would probably be more instructive.


Dec. 25-26 Office closed for Christmas Holiday.

Jan. 1 Office closed for New Year Holiday.

Jan. 6 Youth Basketball Clinic at Baker 9 a.m.

Jan. 13 First games for the basketball season

Holiday Lights Contest: We will again be judging and awarding a bit of the cool green for your holiday lights. I am hoping that we will be better able to take pictures of the winners for inclusion in the paper at a later date. The USD 348 newsletter outlines the areas in which we will award prizes. Help make our community a more picturesque place by doing your part. There's a hundred bucks in it to help pay for the electricity.

Monte the Dancing Bear I think I forgot what dance.

Baldwin City Recreation Commission; 820 High Street; Phone, 594-3670; e-mail,

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