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Humor of musical catches cast, crowd

November 21, 2000

Singing, dancing and mountain men . . . what a show! Baldwin High School students were the cast of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." Opening night was Thursday at 7 p.m. and closing night on Friday at the Baldwin Junior High School auditorium.

Senior Erol Kinkaid played the leading role of the eldest brother, Adam Pontipee. His six brothers were senior Evan Durnal as Benjamin, junior Glen Stansberry as Caleb, junior Matt Noonan as Daniel, sophomore Dennis Craig as Ephraim, senior Jason Curran as Frank and the youngest brother, Gideon, played by junior Adam Turk.

This play is from a story of seven brothers who are adventuresome and set out to seek a bride as their eldest brother Adam did. The setting is in Oregon Territory during the 1850s.

Millie, Adam's bride, shares the leading role and was played by senior Kristen Wessel. The seven brides include senior Mandy Smith as Dorcas, senior Stephanie Jarvis as Sarah, sophomore Katie Martin as Martha, senior Mary Martin as Liza, senior Tabitha Jones as Ruth and senior Amy Stotts as Alice.

"Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," directed by BHS music teacher Carol Landis and BHS teacher Sally Hoffsommer-Brecheisen, was considered a success by many of the cast and crew.

"I had a great time performing in this play," Kinkaid said. "I have performed in numerous productions at Baldwin High and 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' was my best yet."

"It was so hard for me to keep from laughing while I was on stage. The show in general was hilarious and I'm so happy that I had the chance to be a part of it and share the experience with the amazing cast," Wessel said. "I'm really going to miss everyone next year."

"I thought it was pretty fun," Turk said. "The audience reacted well, sometimes too well. They were laughing so hard that they missed the next line. Overall, it was a great time for everybody involved and I am glad that we could entertain the audience with a good musical and didn't put anybody to sleep."

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