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Grinch’ hat and old dogs

November 21, 2000

If my calculations are right, my "Grinch" hat will magically appear on Friday the day that separates me from my in-laws. After a Thanksgiving Day of too many relatives, in too small of a space, with too much food, I want to sleep in and spend the day doing absolutely nothing.

However, my in-laws and my husband live to shop on the most popular shopping day of the year. They wake up hours earlier than a work morning, and arrive at stores long before sunrise. It's just as dark when they return home about 12 hours later.

However, it never fails, I become a shopping consultant by 6 a.m. and my day of peace and quiet is anything but.

My in-laws are well-prepared shoppers, armed with cell phones and walkie-talkies. And I am just a phone call away "Would Emily like ...?" "What size would you wear in ...?" "Are you sure you wouldn't like to meet up with us at the mall?"

I get exhausted just thinking about it.

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  • My husband took vacation this week to finally take our dogs hunting in Nebraska.

Brady has been smelling pheasant and quail in his sleep long before hunting season, but in the meantime he has been fighting plain old age.

He turned 7 the first of October, which officially made him a "senior citizen," according to the dog foods they make now for "senior" dogs.

Boy, if that wasn't the truth.

Almost over night, Brady's shiny coat turned thin and dull. His face turned grayer. There was less bounce in his step.

Hunting takes a hard enough toll on a healthy dog, and I was afraid the pheasant would be hunting him if we let him go.

So I did what most humans start doing at the first signs of age I paid a lot of money for age-defying products, for my dog.

First, I bought an oil to put on Brady's dog food that promised to make his coat shiny and full. I didn't read the directions until I got home, and for the dog the size of Brady, it lasted about two days.

Then I changed his average dog food to premium dog food with "omega fatty acids" for dogs with sensitive, dry, itchy skin and dull coats. And if that wasn't enough, I bought a supplement that should transform Brady into "super dog."

I haven't seen any evidence of super powers yet, but I expect to at any time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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