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It’s a city council decision

November 15, 2000

I have just read Ken Hayes comments concerning the business park. He seems to infer the city governing body is excited by, in his words, "fuzzy logic" when we consider this project. It is a mistake to place blame on our administrator as though this is something Larry Paine dreamed up. The city council has directed Larry and his staff to review what could be done with this property to fill the needs for land to accommodate our needs for recreation land and to help resolve a problem that he, Ken Hayes, and other developers have helped create for our citizens and the city officials to help resolve.

They have backed us against the wall with gigantic expenses to provide more infrastructure to accommodate these developments, on which they apparently make decent profits. The sewer plant improvements we planned and built to take care of our town with some growth has within three years proved inadequate to handle the rapid growth we have experienced since. They have caused a deficiency in our ability to provide generation to protect our town when KCPL goes down. Water demands now cause the council and officials to search for other sources and larger pumps, very possibly an additional tower.

Those knowing these problems are aware that housing development will not pay its way. The current residents not only must pay for our infrastructure upgrades which we expect, but we must pay for additional capacity demanded by new development.

Mr. Hayes, these are the reasons that I weigh when I was party to directing our administrator to see what can be done to find a way to relieve the large burden on our home owners that they are going to see when they receive their tax statements and when our utilities studies are complete and implemented.

This project may not be the best but we must and we will look at it. It is easy to complain about the solutions and recommendations as how to pay for our needs or how we can stop the demand for more services. The problems I have listed do not even cover the needs our school district is facing and the cost they will have for us to pay.

Lee Whaley

Baldwin City Council

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