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The types of businesses to be recruited at park

November 8, 2000

I am starting to get questions from the community about the proposed business/recreation park. Next week's column will be directed at answering some of these questions. If folks want to send me more questions, I'll respond. Please use the e-mail address

I closed last week indicating I would discuss the type of businesses we would hope to recruit. The business park is intended for the purpose of allowing certain commercial uses which:

(a) do not require intensive land coverage.

(b) do not generate large volumes of vehicular traffic.

(c) do not create obnoxious sounds, glare, dust or odor.

Generally, the following types of business fall into those categories: Animal hospitals or clinics; bottling works; building material sales (except for ready-mix concrete and similar uses

which emit dust, odor or smoke); carpenter, cabinet, plumbing or sheet metal shops; contractor's office and equipment storage yard, providing the storage yard is completely enclosed with a six foot solid fence or wall; dog kennels; greenhouses and nurseries, retail and wholesale; light manufacturing operations, providing that such use is not noxious or offensive by reason of vibration or noise beyond the confines of the building or emission of dust, fumes, gas, odor or smoke; public utility and public service uses such as substations, telephone exchanges, microwave towers, radio towers, television towers, telephone transmission buildings, electric power plants.

In addition, public utility storage yards when the entire storage area is enclosed by at least a six foot wall or fence; sign printing and manufacturing; upholstery shops; warehouses; wholesale merchandise sales and storage.

The professional disciplines also considered include: Software development; Engineering, architectural design firms; back office operations for insurance, banking, accounting, and financial service companies; and consulting

Communications support for these companies is developing in Baldwin City. Currently, an Internet company serving Baldwin City is offering high speed wireless service. A company needing high tech access to national and international markets can succeed in our community today. Business users can use their own computers to reach the world at 2.4 gHz. Telephone service will be moving to this type service for office systems later. It appears the world has knocked at our door and business prospects for the future will be better because of it.

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