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Halloween was spent in the ER

November 8, 2000

I think I have written before about how quickly priorities can change. The Signal is printed on Tuesday nights and I wanted to get done early last Tuesday so I could take Emily trick-or-treating her first Halloween of knowing about the wonderful world of candy.

Her Blue's Clues costume was freshly washed after an inevitable encounter with candy, food and playground dirt at the Vinland Elementary School Halloween Carnival last Saturday. Her pumpkin bucket for gathering candy sat by the front door. A list of friends we planned to visit was stored in my mind.

But I didn't get to take Emily trick-or-treating. We got done with the paper early just as I had hoped but just in time for me to take Emily to the emergency room with a fever that was edging its way to 105 degrees. She had a stomach bug and fever the day before, but seemed fine Halloween morning. An hour away from trick-or-treating, the bug inside Emily decided it wasn't through.

The emergency room was a new experience for me. The long wait I expected never came, and we were surrounded by nurses and a doctor within minutes.

I was praying we would get out with the dose of Tylenol and Motrin the doctored ordered to reduce her fever, but she was dehydrated and needed fluids through an IV. I couldn't imagine the same toddler who screams in pain and anger at the sight of a hair brush, tolerating a needle being stuck in her arm. She screamed, but she didn't fight, and was getting the needed fluids after the fourth attempt to find a vein that would work.

The nurses gave her a Daffy Duck stuffed animal, and sweetly told her to keep her arm straight. It was a challenge for a two-year-old, but Emily quickly fell asleep, thank goodness. Nearly three hours later, we went home.

It took the better part of a week for her to recover, but she's herself again. And it just doesn't seem that important that her pumpkin bucket is empty.

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