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Buffer Week’ hits BHS

November 8, 2000

As football season ends and basketball and wrestling are on their way, there is a week when those athletes cannot practice or condition in school facilities. This week, which is mandated by the Kansas State High School Activities Association, is called Buffer Week and runs from Nov. 6-10. It is always the week before winter sports practices start.

"The idea behind Buffer Week is that students who are involved in more than one sport have a chance to get things done without worrying about practice," KSHSAA director Victor Sisk said. "It's a time to let students and coaches prepare for the season."

Although the athletes are not allowed to condition in school facilities, many are doing conditioning off school grounds.

"I run every morning," said senior basketball player Heath Knight. "I shoot around with other basketball players at the Baker gym."

"I try to work out as much as I can," said senior basketball player Tarin Troth. "I run and do other conditioning with some of the other basketball players."

"I don't really do any conditioning on my week off," said senior wrestler Andy Breedlove.

Most students said they do some type of conditioning to get ready for the next season.

Students are working hard with conditioning, but the coaches are also working. The coaches have to prepare for the season by having meetings with the players, making practice plans, scheduling buses for away games and just getting things organized for long season.

Is Buffer Week really beneficial for the players? Many coaches and players both agree the week is needed.

"The time is needed to let the mind and body rest," said head boys basketball coach Bobby Taul. "The season is long and demanding and recuperation is needed."

"I think that it is good for the athletes to have some time off," said head girls basketball coach Eric Toot. "I believe it allows athletes involved in more than one sport a chance to relax."

"I agree with the philosophy behind Buffer Week," said wrestling coach Kit Harris. "A week of rest away from the coaches is good for the athletes."

Buffer Week is obviously needed. The coaches and students both agree that a week off of practicing is very nice. Buffer Week is appreciated by both coaches and athletes.

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