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Catch a Royals game

May 31, 2000

At college in Michigan all I ever hear about is how great the Big Ten is, and how the Tigers are going to win the pennant. So when I make a trip home it is always good to cleanse myself of that gibberish and catch some local sports games.

I was able to find time to attend two Royals' games last week. With my experiences at the game, I'm going to make a prediction Kansas City is becoming a baseball city again.

Ok I'll admit, I was barely able to throw a baseball the last time the Royals were the talk of the town, but I can at least notice a change. For the first time there was more Royals' blue than Chiefs' red at the stadium. I did not see anybody do the Tomahawk Chop for the first time in five years. Oh, and the Royals have helped out a little with the best home record in the major leagues.

So you say, "I don't like baseball." Kauffman stadium is more than baseball, it has something for everybody.

In the mood for love? The "K" averages a marriage proposal every 2.5 games. (I actually made that statistic up, but I'm sure it is something like that.)

Had a bad day and want to take out some of that aggression? You can join the general admission fans yelling at the opposing teams' left fielder.

Don't want to miss the game because WWF is on? Tape it. There is a fight in general admission at least every 2 1/3 innings. (Ok, another predicted statistic.)

Hate being around people? Well there is always "Slugerrrr", the adorable lion mascot, and if worse comes to worse, you can sit by the foul pole, it won't hurt you.

So what does Baldwin City have to do about the Royals? Not a whole lot, but I suggest if you find yourself stressed out this summer, or with nothing to do, take four hours out of your day to go watch some baseball. You don't have to enjoy the sport, just people or the foul pole.

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