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To the Editor

May 24, 2000

Tonight (May 17) was the final game of the season for the Baldwin High School softball team. This softball season will be long remembered as the season of many firsts.First BHS softball game ever, first player to score a run, first win for the team, first regional game win, first winning season, etc.

Tonight's game culminated a season in which some fantastic young ladies got to play a great Americangame and represent their school and town with class and integrity. Thank you so much to all of the BHS ladies who participated in softball this season and represented your school so well.

To coaches (Ginny) Honomichl and (Susie) Martin, thank you for your knowledge of softball and the way in which you impart it to our daughters. Bunts, slap hits, steals, slides into base, change-up pitches, etc., you name it, it happened this season. It added tothe excitement and fun of the season! To the seniors on varsity, Kim and Emily, you have helpedprepare the way for many future, successful seasons. Thank you for your leadership and attitude. You will be so missed. To the other varsity and JV players, your smiles said it all and your enthusiasm was contagious. Great things are ahead for you! You have many young girls in the Baldwin community with their eyes on you continue to be the excellent role models that you are! To the parents (and grandparents!) and other family members, you trekked to many places, i.e., Osawatomie, Basehor-Linwood, Oskaloosa, Paola, etc. We learned to love being visitors! We enjoyed every minute, didn't we even with hats, gloves, parkas, four or five blankets, etc.!Thank you for being there and making it so fun.

And finally, to the BHS student fans ... Whassssssup? Yes, you were the best, darn fansanywhere we played this season. Many of you made the long trips to games also and never waivered in your support. I hope you know what that meant to theteam. In a world where kids are constantly getting a bad rap, well, the way you supported your classmates and friends was awesome! You are an incredible group of young ladies and men, and I was proud to be sitting in the same bleacher section with all of you. P.S. And I do hope that many of you learned for future reference how to dress for spring softball! Warm clothes are necessary! Softball! Wow! A game in which girls of all shapes and sizes can participate, be successful, and most importantly, have fun! Yes, the road to softball was long, but, tonight at season's end, the journey was well worth the trip!

Peg Wessel
Baldwin City

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