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Hayes’ yard chosen for award

May 24, 2000

This week's edition of the Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce's "Yard of the Week" goes to Kirby and Pinky Hayes, 918 King.

The award is chosen by judges Danny and Becky McMillen and this is the third yard to be designated so far in the program.

"Danny enjoys this yard because it is attractive going past it on King Street where one can see flowers on and around the deck and along the foundation in the backyard," said Becky McMillen. "This then leads around to the front area of flowers and on around the porch on Ninth Street.

"The porch seems to say 'welcome and come sit awhile' with lawn furniture, hanging baskets, a flower box (made by their son), several wreaths, planters of succulents and other flowers," she said.

Pinky Hayes is the "artist" of the yard, said Kirby Hayes, and all he does is mow the lawn. The yard has many facets and one of Pinky's favorites is coming up soon.

"Pinky says the roses will be blooming soon and she especially enjoys their beauty," said McMillen.

McMillen also explained that the "Yard of the Week" promotion is sponsored by the Baldwin City Chamber.

"Therefore, the yards must be within the city limits," she said. "The purpose is to encourage residents to beautify Baldwin City. We want to have people put out a welcome mat by planting flowers and maintaining their yard and home.

"We are not looking for only the perfect yard with no weeds and expensive flower plantings," she said. "We are looking for yards with at least a small amount of flowers that are attractively planted and well maintained."

Nominations can be made by calling the McMillens at 594-3959 or sending an e-mail to with suggestions.

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