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Speaking about science standards

May 17, 2000

Linda Holloway was recently quoted as calling the citizens who have spoken during the open forum at the monthly state Board meetings "the KU Chorus." "They all seem to be from the KU biology department," she said.

Ms. Holloway is quite incorrect about the occupations and affiliations of these speakers at the Boards monthly open forum.

In checking the Board minutes for every meeting since September, 1999, I found that only one person from the KU Biology Department has spoken at the open forum, and only three people from KU at all.

I am a local businesswoman and graduate of Religious Studies, and have spoken several times against the current standards. I feel they are not only academically suspect, but reflect a Christian creationist viewpoint, and as such show a lack of respect towards students who hold any other religious beliefs.

The other twelve who have spoken against the science standards include four high school teachers (one in math and three in biology), three other professors (physics from KSU, biology from Emporia State, and clinical psychiatry >from UMKC), two local business people, a minister, a computer network administrator, and the project manager of the Community Health Council in Manhattan.

I would hope that in the future, Ms. Holloway will not mis-characterize all of us as either primarily professors or primarily biologists. People from a wide variety of occupations, both within and outside of science and education, have felt strongly enough to speak in opposition to the science standards at state Board meetings.

Thank you.

Kristin Brumm

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