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Math rules at Baldwin Junior High School

May 17, 2000

Baldwin Junior High School's Math Relay Team brought home many awards from league competition at Louisburg April 20th.

There were more than 275 seventhth and eighth graders from all the Frontier League schools. These students took written tests in one or more of the six catagories: Algebra, Decimals & Percents, Geometry, Potpurri, Pre-Algebra, Problem Solving, and Probability & Statistics.

The results are as follows: Pre-Algebra -7, 10th place, A.J. Osborn; Potpourri - 7, fourth place - Ellen Schroer, second place - Rachel Miles, ninth place - Aaron Hipple; Potpourri - 8, sixth place - Jeff Hill, seventh place - Danielle Reed; Geometry - 8, sixth place - Hill; Decimals & Percents - 7, fifth place - Osborn; Decimals & Percents - 8, second place - Miles, third place - Reed; Problem Solving - 7, second place - Schroer, third place - Osborn; Problem Solving - 8, first place - Reed, eighth place - Hill, 9th place - Miles; seventh grade team - Schroer, Osborn, Hipple, Jason Mock; eighth grade team - Miles, Reed, Hill

Kim Callahan, the teams' sponsor, said she was extremely pleased with the students successes.

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