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Baldwin City Market plans tabled by commission

May 17, 2000

Plans for Baldwin City Market's new location in FireTree Estates were tabled until the June 13 meeting of the Baldwin City Planning Commission.

City inspector and zoning administrator Jim Tarwater said planning commissioners were concerned about the proposed location and an area designated for future development of the 17,000 square-foot store to be located across from Eighth Street on the north side of U.S. Highway 56.

"There were some questions as far as the location of the structure on the site," Tarwater said. "The planning commission thought it would be better if it was at a different location, further forward."

The plans also included an area of unspecified future development.

"The planning commission wanted to know its use in its entirety," Tarwater said.

Owners of the Baldwin City Market, Jeff and Lisa Simpson, said they plan to open the new store by the end of the year. F.P. Gehring Construction, Atchison, is constructing the store.

Tarwater said FireTree Plaza, a commercial center that will include a grocery store, has not yet broken ground between Ninth and Tenth streets on Highway 56. Those plans have been approved by the planning commission.

Downtown tower tabled by commission

A request to construct a 165-foot telecommunications tower on the lot directly east of Bell Automotive at Sixth and High also was tabled by the planning commission. The request will be discussed again at the June meeting.

American Portable Telecom made the request for the tower, which would service Aerial customers.

"As far as they were concerned, that was the prime location for the tower," Tarwater said. "This was the best location for what they proposed."

Trevor Wood, of Selective Site Consultants, answered questions of the planning commissioners.

Tarwater said the planning commission would have to grant a variance, because the tower is proposed to be 15 feet taller than allowed by city code.

"The tower is slender," Tarwater said of the proposed structure. "They are very unobtrusive from my perspective."

Planning commissioners were not in favor of a tower in the downtown business district.

"They thought it was aesthetically inappropriate for the downtown area," Tarwater said. "And there were concerns voiced as far as safety, should it fall."

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