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Daily routines of life changed by motherhood

May 10, 2000

I am still amazed how being a mother has changed my life.

I used to sleep in as late as I could before rushing to work. Now I wake up early, so that I'm ready by the time Emily wakes up around 7:30 am.

I used to keep my house as sloppy as my college dorm room. Now everything has to be in its place and I'm a cleaning supply junkie.

I used to ride my horse every chance I could. Those chances became better spent with Emily.

Emily has always loved going to the horse barn, but my thoroughbred was anything but a child's horse. She'd help me brush the mud off of him a few times a month, and I'd sneak a ride in if I could. Not too long ago, Emily started asking to "ride."

So, the mother in me decided to sell my horse and buy a pony something big and safe enough for both of us to ride. I found exactly what I was looking for here in Baldwin.

I bought Waldo, a Haflinger pony, from LMP Farm north of town. He came to live with us last week.

Waldo is a nice change. He's quiet, he's friendly, he's funny. And he has a cool name his full name is Where's Waldo. He also doesn't spook at giant, brown snakes slithering under his feet as I learned while riding him in a field over the weekend.

Emily has only been on him once, just long enough for "gramma" to snap a few pictures. After a few more outings of just me and Waldo, I'll let her start riding with me. He still has to pass the running deer and flying turkey test.

This stuff never worried me before, but I want Emily to be safe blame it on the mom in me.

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  • Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

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