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School district seeks lower electric rate

March 15, 2000

The school district is sending a written request to City of Baldwin requesting a lower electric rate than the district is currently being charged.

City Administrator told board members that requesting a switch from a business to a commercial rate classification would be a savings to the school district. For example, he said the district would have saved $150 off its account for Baldwin Elementary School last month.

"There could be a significant savings there," Paine said.

White said the savings would average about $1,000 a month.

Paine said there are no customers charged the commercial rate, which is designed for industrial businesses.

"The commercial rate is the best possible rate," Paine said. "Nobody's in it."

Paine said the city request would have to be discussed and put to a vote by the City Council.

For more than a year, the school board has been requesting the city to review its electric rate. With bills topping $10,000 monthly, board members asked for a better rate from the city. The district is also paying a $25,000 surcharge over 12 months to pay for the high cost of electricity last summer.

The city, along with the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency, and other cities, has filed a lawsuit against the Board of Public Utilities for improperly charging for emergency and replacement power when the BPU's Nearman generating station was closed because a fire destroyed a coal conveyor at the plant.

Paine said he expects to win the lawsuit and give Baldwin electric customers a refund. The lawsuit should be resolved within the year, he said.

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