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Board Briefs

March 15, 2000

Orloff makes football request

Brian Orloff asked the board what it would take to start a football program at the junior high at Monday night's board meeting.

It was a request the board had heard before. However, board member Chris Ogle was interested enough to request a district query into the sport's startup costs.

Orloff, who helped start the Baldwin youth football program for third-graders through sixth-graders last fall, said there is more than enough interest from students and the community.

"I know there is enough interest," Orloff said. "I would much rather have my son playing football after school in the fall and rolling into basketball than hanging out."

Orloff also said the Baldwin High School football coach Mike Berg is teaching players what should have been learned at the junior high level or younger.

"We need to fill the gap in the seventh and eighth grades to be competitive," he said.

Despite some board support, board member Curtis Trarbach told Orloff that football is the most expensive sport to start and maintain.

"Tell us what it is and we will do it," Orloff said on behalf of the youth football program.

Local option budget approved by board

A resolution to adopt a local option budget (LOB) to help fund capital improvement projects in the district was approved by the board Monday night.

The LOB shows an increase from about 12 percent of the $6 million general fund budget to 25 percent, the maximum allowed.

Supt. James White said a 25 percent LOB would generate about $1.5 million, compared to about $750,000 at the current 12 percent. The LOB will help fund increases to teacher salaries, technology and a five-year capital improvement plan.

Under the plan, band instrument replacement is figured in at $25,000 per year. Also for 1999-2000, a $100,000 renovation of the Baldwin Elementary School gym is planned, as well as installation of air conditioning in the Baldwin Junior High School gym the only place in the district that doesn't have it for an anticipated cost of $200,000.

For 2000-2001, a $440,000 addition is planned at Vinland Elementary school, where the library doubles as a music room and a computer lab.

For 2001-2002, a $540,000 building addition is planned at Baldwin Junior High School, in conjunction with spending $120,000 for parking and bus/vehicle pick-up and drop-off at BJHS.

A $120,000 renovation of the BJHS auditorium and an $80,000 district office addition is planned for 2002-2003.

And a $1.5 million auditorium addition and parking lot expansion is planned at Baldwin High School in 2003-2004.

Lunch policy remains same

Students in the district's elementary schools are allowed to charge lunch up to five times if they don't have lunch money. Baldwin Junior High School students can charge one time. High school students are allowed no charges.

Board members considered allowing high school students to charge a lunch, but food service employees convinced members otherwise. High school students are notified when their lunch money account gets below $5, and workers at the high school said not allowing charges teaches students responsibility.

The no charge policy remains at Baldwin High School.

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