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Band member seeks help

March 15, 2000

Dear Members of the Community:

Hi, I'm Curtis Thomas. I am a member of the Baldwin High School Band. I'm going to attend the Kansas Lions International Band. The Kansas Lions International Band is a marching and concert group that will participate in the Annual Lions International Convention. The band will also participate in the spectacular international parade that will include marching units from around the world. In addition to participating in the parade, the Kansas Band will perform several concerts for Kansas and International Lions dignitaries. The Kansas Band is made up of young musicians from around the state of Kansas, who will practice together then, participate in the Lions State Band Camp (which is held here in Baldwin). All together this trip will cost over $1,300.

I am writing in hope of being able to go. But in order to be able to go I need some help from the members of the community, businesses, and organizations. If your company/business is able to sponsor me please get a hold of me at 594-6900 (contact only). If you just want to contribute, cans are located at several businesses throughout the community.

I'm also able and willing to run errands and do odd jobs around your house. Just stop by my house at 107 Second Street, Baldwin City and ask for me. If I am not home just leave a message with my mom. Thanks so much for your time.


Curtis Thomas

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