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Problem is violence

March 8, 2000

Dear Editor:

Suddenly we have six year olds shooting six year olds! What is happening to our country? Hysteria fills the air as irrational people grasp at straws seeking to solve our problems. Perhaps the greatest problem is that so many are unable to distinguish between a problem and a symptom. Guns kill people. This is a problem? No. This is a symptom.

Violence is the core problem. Just look at: Jerry Springer. "Professional" Wrestling. Hockey. Video games (Doom Quake). Movies (Rambo Terminator). We are exposed to violence beginning at a young and tender age. Killing is glorified. The Columbine Shooters speculated as to which famous director would commit their miserable lives to film. Gangster Rappers chanting, "Kill ... Kill ... Murder ... Murder!!!!" But the Pointy Heads tell us this is just good wholesome entertainment.

We can't control the wave of gratuitous violence we are exposed to because the Constitution forbids this. Freedom of speech and that sort of a thing. Shouting "Fire" in a crowded theater is not encouraged. Anything else is permitted. So.... Violence begets Violence.

Bill Clinton would have us believe that gun locks would solve our "Problem." I am more inclined to believe the Clintons are major stockholders in a hardware company.

There are already approximately 20,000 gun laws on the books and they are being poorly enforced by the same government that brought you Waco, Ruby Ridge and the tremendously popular and immensely successful "War on Drugs." Of course this little "War" produces a lot of violence itself, but that's all right because it's all for our own good.

So Bill Clinton is going to call some Congressional Big Wigs together and "solve" our problem. I am firmly convinced that Bubba Bill is clueless about dealing with any problem that isn't wearing a skirt.

David A. Tate
413 West 2nd. St.
Coffeyville, KS 67337

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