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Spring-like weather brings thoughts of farming

March 1, 2000

With the recent rain and nice weather, many thoughts have turned to farming. It should be a good year, according to Bill Woods, Douglas County Extension Agent, if what's transpired so far is any indication.

Mild winters and an abundance of moisture during the past years have been out of the ordinary. Although Douglas County was dry several weeks ago, that's changed.

"Somebody said the other day that we haven't had a normal year in the '90s," said Woods. "I'd agree with that. I was concerned (about this year's moisture) until with got the two inches of rain a couple of weeks ago and the inch last week. I was concerned until then."

Not anymore, and Woods expects the tractors to take to the fields as soon as they dry out.

"There will be some folks thinking about planting oats. But we don't have a lot of oats," he said. "With the nice fall we had, most farmers were able to get their fertilizer in for corn, so that will be next. Probably the third week of March we'll probably get some corn in the ground. Then it will be time for soybeans and then anyone who plants milo, it will be next."

The weather so far has already been good for many farmers.

"Those that are calving and lambing have had a good year," said Woods. "It's been a good year for anyone who does livestock chores."

Although "gloom and doom" talk is sometimes used in discussing the agricultural economy, he believes all is well.

"I wish our farm prices were better, but the government has come out with some good programs," said Woods. "There are still farmers buying good equipment some of them are making money. Farming is a business. There are some that do better than others.

"A lot of it is luck, but a lot of it is making your own luck," he said.

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