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Jogging, vacation occupies thoughts

March 1, 2000

This is an update from last week's column. I bought a jogging stroller over the weekend on sale. And amazingly, I have used it. Emily loves it, and pushing her in a stroller has never been so easy. Even at my slow-paced jog, it's like flying.

Unfortunately, my husband is more into this exercise thing than I thought he would be. On the nights that neither of us have to work, he plans for us to run to Emily's daycare and jog her home in the jogging stroller. That's at least three miles, which is manageable at my pace, but not his.

What did I get myself into?

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  • It's nearing spring. I can tell from the tulips peeking through the ground and the massive shedding of my horse.

Brushing my horse until he is sleek and shiny again is one of my least favorite horse chores. The shedding process can last more than a month, and after each brushing it is hard to believe there could be any hair left. But there is.

This is the one time I hope Jake finds a sloppy, mud hole to role in. Dried, caked-on mud and the effort it takes to curry it off can shorten the task by at least a week. It's not scientifically proven, but I'm a believer.

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  • Has anyone gotten used to the gas prices yet? My little Honda CRX would not fare well in a car accident, but it does get 45 miles per gallon. I've only had to fill up once with the expensive gas.

However, some sources say gas prices could jump to $1.70 a gallon by summer, when we'll be driving our gas-guzzling Explorer to northern Wyoming and back. That would make for an expensive vacation, even though we plan on camping.

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  • Vacation plans are already one of my top priorities. We go with my in-laws, and between five schedules it isn't easy to agree on the week we go. Emily's schedule is the only one that appears to be free.

And how will she hike in the mountains? In her jogging stroller, of course.

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