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School board reviews fiscal year

June 28, 2000

The Baldwin school board had a lunch session on Monday to review the cash summary of the 1999-2000 school year, and to discuss salaries for the upcoming year.

For the '99-'00 school year the district had $10,325,255.55 in total expenditures. A majority of the expenditures came out the general fund, which is the funding received from the government for each student. At the end of the fiscal year all but $1,883.74 of the $6,377,214.76 general fund had been allocated.

According to Teresa Arnold, district clerk, it was important that most of the money was allocated by the district.

"We've sometimes had $20,000 left in the general fund," said Arnold. "What we don't spend we can't keep. Having only $1,000 left is good planning."

Supt. James White said that an additional $66,000 needed to be transferred in order for the school district to be able to use it.

"The remaining $66,000 from the local option levy fund needs to be spent or transferred to capital outlay," White said. "We will be able to use the funds for possible renovations or other programs."

Programs that were discussed more in depth were the lab school, charter school and food services. The lab and charter schools both had negative balances, but more income was still expected from both programs. Food service director Sabrina Ballinger and the food service program were commended for having a $12,510.74 profit.

"Sabrina asked for the meal prices to be raised next year," said White. "But with the results from this year I don't think it will be necessary."

In other business the board approved administrator/supervisor salary recommendations for the '00-'01 school year. The board also approved a raise in White's base salary from $83,000 to $87,000. His monthly fuel budget was also increased from $75-$200.

The board decided to wait until more members were present to establish additional incentive and goal setting possibilities that could raise the White's salary in the future. Board members Lonnie Broers and Ed Schulte were absent from the meeting.

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