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Here’s a marriage for you

June 28, 2000

"Oh, did I tell you that I'm getting married?" asked my best friend, recently.

Neither of us giddily jumped up and down. We didn't giggle with delight. In fact, she mentioned it rather non-chalantly. And I probably responded with a skeptical, raised eyebrow.

"I've heard that before," I said.

"But we are serious this time. We are going to do it sometime in August," she insisted.

I may make it sound so, but this isn't a fly-by-night romance. Kendra and Dan have been together more than 5 years since our senior year in college. They just haven't gotten married. And if anybody in this world should be, it's them.

I don't want to sound like a cliche, but they are meant for each other, and I envy their relationship. They have the type of love that would make anyone even me ask "Am I with that person? Is this who the fates would have chosen for me?"

They have talked about getting married before, well, eloping actually. They don't want a big service. She doesn't even want a ring (he bought her a horse, instead). If they had their way, it would just be them.

Well, they found that way. As it turns out, couples can marry themselves in the state of Colorado. They have to have a marriage license, but no clergy, officiant or witnesses are needed. (It's true, I looked it up on the Internet).

So they plan on marrying themselves on the top of a mountain, in Colorado, in August.

It sounds romantic, which is the only part of a traditional wedding service they intend to keep.

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