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New Internet service provider headed to Baldwin

June 7, 2000

There's a new Internet access provider headed to Baldwin City. And, that's not all the technology the company has to offer.

KNet.Com, Inc., based in Prairie Village, will be offering Baldwin residents another option in Internet access. But, as company representative Chuck Lowe explained, that's not all that's available.

"There is a new Internet connection in town," said Lowe, an account executive with KNet. "We are a company that provides a number of services, including long distance telephone access, dedicated access, Internet access and dial up."

Lowe will be in Baldwin Friday to answer questions and sign up interested people. The office address is at 705 High Street. The entrance is located on Seventh Street. Lowe can also be reached at 1-888-808-5441 before or after Friday. He said he can make necessary arrangements to sign up people over the phone, as well.

There are also a few compact discs detailing what the company provides available at The Signal office, 703 High.

Lowe isn't certain what kind of response he'll receive, but he's prepared to do what it takes to answer questions and get people hooked up to the Internet through the company, in addition to the other services it has to offer.

"If we sow a few seeds and I need to come back on a weekend to meet with more people and explain what we offer, I'll do that," he said.

As with most technology, what KNet offers is constantly changing. Because of that, Lowe prefers to talk one-on-one with potential customers to determine what their needs are and how they can best fill those needs. But, the lure of an alternative Internet connection has already spurred much interest.

"We've had dozens of requests for a provider in Baldwin," said Lowe. "The most important thing with customers is communication. We're the small Internet provider."

The company is new, but already has similar operations in Chanute, Emporia and Kansas City. Lowe said the next step is Baldwin and Lawrence. They have designed the system for heavy usage and can handle new customers right away, he said.

"The company got on its feet two months ago, but the people involved with it have been in the business for years," said Lowe. "We've got a provider that has a whole bunch of band width that's not doing anything. We can handle a lot of customers."

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