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City-wide garage sales bring visitors

June 7, 2000

If there is one sure way to attract hundreds of people to town, the Friends of the Library group knows how to do it with a city-wide garage sale.

About 80 sales were held throughout Baldwin City and rural Baldwin on Saturday. It is an annual way for the Friends group to raise money for the Baldwin City Public Library. The group has been organizing the city-wide garage sale for 13 years.

Garage sale participants pay $5 to have their sale listed on a master list, which the group sells for $1 the day of the sale.

Diane Deitz, co-president of the Friends group, said at least 100 people bought lists on Saturday.

"This is one of our main fund-raisers and it benefits the community of Baldwin," Deitz said. "It brings a lot of people to the businesses as well. We had a lot of visitors to town and there were a lot of sales."

Deitz said the businesses also support the city-wide garage sale by purchasing ads on the master list.

"We can't do it without that kind of support," she said.

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