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Captains chosen for’Bulldog Bash’ drive

July 26, 2000

Five captains and two co-captains will lead six sales teams as ticket sales for the first-ever Bulldog Bash are ready to roll into high gear. The Bash, billed as a citywide tailgate party prior to Baldwin High School's football opener against Prairie View Sept. 1, is being used as a fund-raiser to assist with start-up expenses for junior high football in the Baldwin School District.

The district approved the addition of junior high football for seventh- and eighth-grade youngsters beginning with the 2001 season. The junior high football fundraising committee is to raise $15,000 by Nov. 1 to assist the district with "start-up" expenses, primarily equipment purchases. For the next four years, that amount is decreased by $3,000 until the district assumes all costs for junior high football in 2005.

Six teams with corresponding "captains" were selected by a strange process that may still defy explanation.

"Basically, these guys were appointed before they knew what they were getting into. We figured if we got their picture in the paper, it would be too late to back out and we'd have them hooked. Mainly though, they've all shown a strong interest in Baldwin youngsters and that's the most important thing," said Rick Weaver, a Bulldog Bash committee member.

According to Weaver, the six groups will target different contingents in Baldwin and hopefully anyone interested in buying a Bash ticket will have an opportunity to do so from one of the six sales groups.

"Lew Ruona is the leader of the High Rollers. Since he has a big house, we tried to get guys put in his group that have big houses with at least two bathrooms. Mike Berg was appointed captain of the Top Dogs and he'll be putting his players and assistant coaches to work. Ted Madl got the nod as leader of the Free Agents because we needed a long-time Baldwin resident. Plus, he owns the Lodge, the official meeting place of the Bash Committee and he's at all the meetings," he said.

"Dennis Mills and Scott Hall are coaching the Baldwin Youth Football teams this fall. Thus, they were logical choices to lead the Little Lombardi's, a group made up primarily of guys like Dale Enick and Bruce Auscherman who either helped coach or had kids involved with the youth football team last year. We needed a mysterious group with a man in charge who operates in a unique, covert way that defies explanation hence Brian Orloff was appointed as the leader of Triple O," said Weaver.

"With one more group needed, we decided to go for a group of nice guys who couldn't say no for an answer. Plus, we needed a bit more youth and energy so we went with some dads that had some youngsters coming up through the system. Generally, these guys really don't have a clue as to how they got involved thus, the birth of the Clueless Dudes captained by newcomer Gerald Cullumber. Young dads like Brian Mason, Frank Foye and Jeff Beecher are key members of this team while Jeff Saile has emerged as an inspirational leader of sorts," he said.

The Bash Buffet will open at 5 p.m. and will be located in the west parking lot adjacent to the BU softball field. Youngsters will have a chance to compete for over 200 prize certificates in a variety of football-related contests administered by Baker student-athletes. Live music and entertainment will be provided, highlighted by a Dixieland style group featuring Baldwin band director Will Cooper.

Tickets for the Bulldog Bash are $50 per family, regardless of size. Not only will the ticket get a family into all of the Bash activities, it will get the entire family into the football game as Baldwin opens the season against Prairie View at 7 p.m.

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