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Runner likes Pressgrove’s column

July 19, 2000

Dear editor,
I am a runner in Baldwin that was moved by a recent article in your newspaper. That David Pressgrove should receive a Pulitzer Prize for such a wonderful piece of work. The article titled "Dust tastes really bad" is a must read for everyone who ever drives on a country road. Any runner in the world that has taken a country road as their choice of terrain can appreciate this column.
I for one have been in the situation many a time where a speeding maniac has rendered me blinded and helpless on the side of a country road. I have also come home to my hose in the yard to power wash off the dirt and grime that is plastered to my skin. This is of course thanks to much road rage I encountered during my run.
To many of you this may seem like a joke of an article because you have never been in this situation. So, before you completely blow this off as a fairy tale that never happens to anyone, go for a run one summer evening and make sure you pick a gravel road. Go for just 20 or 30 minutes, just enough to start sweating, and allow for at least a handful of cars to go by and see how that grit feels in your eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Once one car goes by don't forget that you will have the chance for at least half a dozen both coming and going on your run.
And, if you are really lucky, you will be able to experience the penultimate of distance runs. That is those summer days when it is so hot and muggy that the sweat doesn't stand a chance of evaporating off of your body and the air is so still that any dust kicked up on the way will defy Sir Isaac's law and hang there for the rest of the day.
And if this still doesn't change your mind on your speed limit when passing runners, then please hand your keys to a sane driver. Anyway, for all of you who have the need for speed, please read David's article from the July 12 paper and heed his words. It will make many a cyclist/runner's day. "You da man, Dave."
Matt Noonan
Baldwin City

To the editor:
I want to thank everyone in the community who helped make the Fourth of July a great success. I am especially proud of all the people who believe in a "Community Day." The Baldwin Jaycees hope to make this a tradition with the help from everyone in the community.
Once again, I give a great thanks to all who came and to those who donated money toward next year's fireworks display.
Thank you,
Tammy Leslie
Baldwin Jaycees president

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