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U.S. 56 shows progress, but …

July 12, 2000

For the most part, the construction along U.S. Highway 56 has gone well normal inconveniences, but nothing major.

And this past week, the progress was really starting to show. Moving traffic lanes over to the other side in one stretch and the appearance of asphalt-laying machines on another were definite signs that work was going well.

Baldwin residents have become adept at snaking their way through the maize and everyone will be pleased with the improvements when it's all done.

The only down side, aside from the occasional one-lane traffic with a flagman, has been those orange barrels. For the most part, they've been fine, but occasionally one or two will get astray and then they seem to stay there.

There were a couple in that category at Sixth and U.S. 56 for awhile. Now there are several at Wesley and U.S. 56 that just seem a little too far out there. Cars have to swerve.

If the road crews would just pay a little more attention to the barrel placement we'd all be happier still.

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