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Dust tastes really bad

July 12, 2000

Okay, we are going to try something new this week. This column takes some reader participation. Everybody put down your paper, go outside and grab about a handful of dust from the nearest alley or gravel road...

Everybody back? Okay, good, now put the dust in a baggy or store it somewhere out of the reach of children (especially if they like to eat dirt) because it will come into use later.

Now, go outside and do some exercise for 15 minutes or at least until you break a sweat...

(Fifteen minutes later) Good, I can hear some of you trying to catch your breath and can certainly smell others.

Okay, now grab the dust and throw it in your face.

"Whatever buddy," "Is this kid crazy?", "What kind of dumb idea is that?"

Yeah, I hear what you are saying. Who in their right mind would want to throw dust in their face? Especially when they are sweaty.

My point exactly!

I run on gravel every day, and I would say two or three times a week an inconsiderate driver decides it would be fun to drive by me at 45 mph and bury me in dust. I'm sure it happens to others all the time also. Dust in your face just isn't fun.

Okay, I won't be too harsh because most drivers around here are friendlier than the ones in at school. At home I usually average about three or four friendly waves on each run, while in Michigan I would probably average three or four "one finger" waves each run.

This year three of my teammates were running on the side of the road when a car moved off the shoulder and headed directly toward them. As the car swerved the runner closest to the road punched the top of the hood (a trick of the trade we learned from Prefontaine). The car pulled a U-turn in front of three lanes of traffic and headed straight for him. Later on he said, "it seemed like the movies, with the car barreling towards me I thought maybe I could outrun the car, but it was a little bit faster than me."

He ended up scaling the side of a covered bus stop, and stood on the top until the crazed driver decided it wasn't worth wrecking his car into the bus stop.

I appreciate not ever being chased by any crazies in a car. But please, if you are on a gravel road and you see a runner, walker or biker, please slow down, dust in the face isn't fun!

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