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Secrecy is a concern

July 5, 2000

Letter to the editor,

As a member of the Baldwin City Recreation Commission, I read with interest the article, "City passes on offer for recreation." I was surprised to find that an issue of such importance to all Baldwin citizens was not brought into the public forum. Since this proposal was never addressed in a city council meeting, opportunities for open debate and possible negotiation, as well as feedback from the community were nonexistent. In fact, the whole process seemed low-keyed and secretive. I would think that council members would solicit feedback from a wide range of community members and especially from the recreation commissioners before making a decision affecting recreation programs for the entire community.

I do not know if this proposal was a realistic one; I don't have enough particulars to form a decision. In fact, the only information I have is what I read in the paper. For all I know, maybe the decision made by city council members was the best one for Baldwin at this time. However, I would have more faith in the rationality and reasonableness of this decision if I knew it had gone through the usual process of open discussion, comments from patrons and public voting rather than this informal polling of individual members.

From my viewpoint, it appears highly probable that no one would have ever known anything about this proposal if the newspaper hadn't reported on it. This secrecy concerns me. Maybe the council members should rethink this process and bring the issue up in an open forum. I, for one, am very interested in the specifics of this proposal and would like to learn more about it.

Peggy Harris
Baldwin City

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