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Recreation disclosure

July 5, 2000

To the editor,

According to the June 28 news report, "City passes on offer for recreation," Mayor Stan Krysztof is opposed to building a community center with any stipulations that he deems to be "way too expensive." While such fiscal restraint may be warranted, the procedures used to assess this criterion were wholly inappropriate.

Specifically, the mayor appeared to be opposed to discussing the proposal offered by Baker University in a collective manner with members of the city council, either in public or private settings. It is difficult to imagine why this issue, or any issue, should be resolved in such an unorthodox manner. Because of the covert and decentralized way in which this decision was made, it is impossible for community members to determine the merit of the proposal. Baldwin City citizens deserve better consideration.

The mayor says that solving recreational needs is a priority, but his actions suggest otherwise. I call on the mayor and members of the city council to make a full and public disclosure of their specific plans for addressing the recreational needs of Baldwin City.

Tony Brown
Baldwin City

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