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Is this democracy?

July 5, 2000

Dear editor:

I just have to commend the mayor and his city council for not wasting Baldwin City residents' precious time by not so much as uttering in public Baker University's offer of well-placed land, $225,000 and more for a public recreation center and ballfields. Spurning such an offer in secret without any discussion or even half-serious consideration, why those are the hallmarks of democratic government as we know it.

What in the world gave the mayor and city council the idea, or rather the sheer audacity, to think they can receive and then dispatch this offer in secret? Were they afraid the public might be for it? If they didn't like the stipulations as presented, why not make counteroffers?

The most innocent explanation is that the mayor and his council have simply lost their senses, along with their sense of responsibility to the public. They should be relieved of that responsibility if they are unwilling or unable to meet it.

Hopefully Baker will overlook this shameful behavior and give Baldwin City residents another chance to consider the offer and find a way to make it work so we all can benefit.

Todd and Stacy Cohen
604 Ninth Street

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