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I can’t afford to run

February 23, 2000

I've decided to take up running again, and I'm finding out that exercise is expensive.

It shouldn't be, since all it requires is a pair of shoes. But I need a new pair. That will cost $60, on sale.

In what has become a big picture, I can handle that.

But in order to run any time other than the wee hours of morning which I refuse to do, because I am not a morning person I will have to take Emily with me. So after much research, I am preparing to buy a $250 jogging stroller. That's a lot of money, but finding it for $50 less than it retails for makes me feel a little better.

When I don't have to take Emily, I should probably take my dogs one of which is in dire need of shedding a few pounds. My dogs don't exactly "heel," and they provide the ultimate workout an uncontrollable two-mile sprint (hopefully without any turbo-charged cat or squirrel chases). To avoid the hassle of two leashes, I spent $7 on a collar attachment so I can run both dogs on one leash.

For rainy days, I bought a kickboxing video ($10 on sale), and a jump rope ($3).

So far, I am not very dedicated. The shoes I have are fine for now. I will be able to run more once the jogging stroller arrives. Mostly, running is not as easy as I remember when I was in shape.

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  • I wasn't the only one who wanted to hear Zev Kedem tell his story of surviving holocaust concentration camps as a child last Tuesday at Baker University. There was quite a crowd in Rice Auditorium.

I went as myself, not as a reporter that was a strange feeling. I had a hard time just listening and not frantically scribbling notes in my notebook. I think I relaxed and started enjoying myself about the time his lecture was over.

His personal history is incredible, and his perspective of the horrors of the holocaust was as a child, becoming the only life he knew.

Telling his story, a somewhat recent undertaking of his, is a healing process for Kedem and an education for those who are fortunate to hear and understand his experience.

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  • Sunday was the most perfect-weather day I can remember in a great while, and I spent it at the Kansas City Zoo with Emily. The animals thought it was a nice day too, and perfect for an afternoon siesta.

The sea lions, which were being fed when we arrived, were Emily's favorite. Literally every other animal, except for the hippopotamuses and a couple of chimpanzees, was motionless. That is not how to capture the fascination of an 18-month-old.

I think I'll wait for a not so perfect day for our next outing to the zoo.

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