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Attend board meetings

February 23, 2000

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the article in The Signal regarding the proposed change in school board boundaries. Unfortunately, due to illness, I was not able to attend the board meeting.

Both of my children attended Vinland Elementary School and I know how important it is to have representation from your home school. However, I have been attending the USD 348 school board meetings on a fairly regular basis for the past two and one-half years and I think the question has become a matter of quality representation rather than quantity, i.e., having a certain number of representatives from each school boundary as we currently have.

I have to admit that many of those quoted in the paper I am not acquainted with. I do know that when I attend board meetings, I believe I know the majority of the people who are in attendance. Hopefully, those who strongly wish to continue with the boundaries as they are should begin attending monthly board meetings to see what kind of representation your home school is receiving.

Here are some facts you might be interested in. One board member seldom speaks at the meetings. A couple of the board members don't seem to have the knowledge or understanding of certain situations and continually have to ask to receive the same verbal information over and over. One board member rarely arrives on time at the meetings, always arriving at least 5-10 minutes late (very disruptive and discourteous to those in attendance). Some board members obviously do not even glance at their board packet (received a few days prior to the meeting, I believe) prior to the meeting.

I guess the question we arrive at is do we want quality representation for the entire USD 348 who will act intelligently and appropriately for our children, or do we want representatives that are related to most patrons in our home district section or since they've been on the board forever, we might as well elect them again.

This proposal deserves some honest and serious consideration. I think the best way to accomplish that is for patrons to start attending monthly board meetings to get a view of the type of representation that is currently in place.

Peg Wessel
554 East 1600 Road

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