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Alcohol opposition II

February 16, 2000

Dear Editor,

I would like to affirm the letter written last week by Ray Jones. Sometimes it is easier to set back and keep quiet as things change around us and later complain when it is too late. Alcohol is the most destructive drug we have legalized. We have all been touched by a drunk driving tragedy or a person's life that has been wasted by alcoholism.

I want to say I love Baldwin City; it is the best town I have experienced living in. Our Founding Fathers of Baldwin City recognized the destruction of alcohol and took a strong stand against it. For some reason we Christians have gotten unconcerned about making a stand for what we believe in. Maybe it is time to listen to what Gods Word says about "not taking a stand." Take a moment and read Revelations 3:14-17.

We know alcohol breaks down inhibitions which leads to all kinds of problems, especially for young people, for instance stronger drugs. I once worked for a very wise school administrator who had observed the cycle of kids going in a destructive behavior. He said it usually begins with cigarette smoking and beer drinking and the next step, with inhibitions down, is marijuana and then on to stronger drugs. People think "me having one glass of wine is not going to cause any one else a problem," but think about it, if all adults would throw away their alcohol, what effect would that have on our youth.

Sue Torneden Nye
Baldwin City

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