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Letter retains memory for life

February 9, 2000

I was going to write this week's column about Emily's first time-out. As she grows up so quickly, she is also testing her limits.

But then the following letter came in the mail, and it reminded me of much more important things. It's from one of Emily's great aunts, to put in her baby book. The letter is addressed to Emily, but it shows us all how we can truly make a memory last forever through words. I thought it was worth sharing.

Dear Emily,

By the time you are able to read and understand this, I am sure you will have forgotten your great "gampa." That is why I am writing this to you. I want you to know what a joy you were to him.

Your gampa was a very special person. You, in your not yet 2-year-old wisdom seemed to recognize that.

At Thanksgiving dinner, you walked up to him and said "gampa" and wanted him to hold you. He was so delighted that tears came to his eyes. (Your gampa was a very sensitive man).

We celebrated Christmas Eve in Valley, Neb., because he was too ill to go to Lincoln. You entered the door to his living room and saw him across the room. You smiled at him and ran to him saying "Gampa, gampa." When you got to him you held up your arms so he could pick you up. Then you told him a "fjdksla dflelwogh yueorpa" story and you were ready to go again.

Gampa was so thrilled with you. That evening and again on Christmas Day he told me over and over again how you ran to him and wanted to be held by him. Each time his eyes would swell with tears and his face would beam with the most glorious smile. You were truly a special Christmas gift.

Unfortunately, we lost your gampa on Jan. 5, 2000. At his prayer service on Jan. 7, your grandma held you up so you could see Gampa "asleep" in his casket. You looked at him, held out your hand and said, "Gampa, eogurkg alodug, Gampa, tygulo ko rtyu." Then you waved bye-bye to your gampa. In my heart, I believe that for the first time your gampa was able to understand everything you were saying to him.

Emily, I want to thank you so much for recognizing how special your gampa was and for letting him know that in your own way. You are a special little girl. I believe that your gampa will always be watching over you as your Guardian Angel. Please don't ever forget how much he loved you.

Aunt Cheryl

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