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Alcohol opposition

February 9, 2000

Dear Editor:

I will not oppose you, if you drink alcohol to bring a little cheer to your saddened soul. Life is full of sorrows for many and it may bring a consolation to you. However, we have been told that Christians are complacent and have considerable apathy toward this issue in Baldwin City. That the churches are unconcerned and no one is speaking against it. For your information, I would tell you that this is not so.

I want you to know that it is not complacency that we have not been vocal about the present move to reverse the standards of the Christian heritage of our town. There is a reason why those that have gone before us sought to banish alcohol from our midst. They saw what it did to their young men and women. They saw the destruction to families and the abandonment of the children. They saw the dissipation of family heritages. They saw the adulteries and fornication that it fostered. They saw the ruin that it brought to our society and thus they sought to put it away.

I want you to know that it is not because we do not care about what alcohol will do to our children, friends and families about us that we have not been more vocal to you face to face.

I want you to know that it is not that we are not concerned about the slam and blemish that defames the character of the strong Methodist heritage of our town that we have not spoken.

We are interested in the well being of our community and its deliverance from evil. Many are in the process of making this change in our community. May I make an appeal to you. There are children, boys and girls that are walking about our streets in Baldwin City and attending our good schools. You are making a decision that will affect their future. When these little ones follow in your steps, they will go further than you did. Some will stumble and fall and ruin their lives and their families because of this offense. They will suffer the anguish and sorrow of an alcohol stained life because you opened the door for them to enter. My friend, if you had a part, a voice or a vote that opened that door, it would be better for you to have a millstone hung around your neck and be thrown into the deepest sea, that is, unless you repent of your sin, and be converted to Christ and finally, when you die, to go to heaven. Let me repeat that and make the issue clear: Unless you repent of your sin, and be converted to Christ and finally, when you die, to go to heaven.

Don't bring alcohol to our city.
Ray M. Jones, D.O.
Baldwin City

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