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Thanks to all

February 2, 2000

Dear Editor:

I really do not know who to thank first! The gentleman who first saw the fire and called the police, thank you from the bottom of my heart! The fire department who saved my house from the fire god bless you! I am so glad that not only do we have new trucks and facility but the dedication of the fire-people! Fantastic! Their quick response and thorough job saved my home and many, many, generations of irreplaceable family treasures.

The police officer , Officer Colleen Larson! God bless her, she went inside my home and found our family dog Alicia hovered in the corner scared to death! After several attempts to get her to go outside Colleen had to pick her up and carry her outside! (she is a very old and large dog) She also had to get help from one of the official's wife to keep her in the her car because Alicia kept trying to go back inside the house!

My children were very upset when they came home from school to find their go-cart burnt to a crisp! They just spent a lot of time and money on rebuilding it last spring!

Also, I am so glad that no one was home at the time of the fire! Material things are material and just that!

Again my heart warm thanks to everyone involved in saving my home!

Kristine M. Gammon
1403 Ninth Street

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