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Developer eyes Baker land prize

February 2, 2000

If everything goes according to plan, a new housing development will be built in north Baldwin City on 53 acres south of County Road 12 and east of County Road 1055.

Baker University owns the land and has a tentative agreement with developer Michael C. Green, according to John Fuller, Baker spokesman. Attempts to contact Green were unsuccessful Tuesday.

"We've signed an agreement with a developer for the sale of the land," said Fuller. "But the specifics of the agreement have to be approved by the city."

Fuller explained that Green's plans for a single-family development, a small lake or pond and a centralized park would have to have approval by the city. If that doesn't happen, the sale might not be completed.

"We're interested in the development of that land," said Fuller. "Baker's interest is that it be developed for the betterment of the community."

The tract of land north of the Annunciation Catholic Church and south of the Signal Oak development is actually 73 acres. However, Baker has built a soccer field and a parking lot on the south side of the location and will also retain some other acreage.

The land had once been offered to the City of Baldwin City for the location of a park, new ballfields, a pool and other facilities. However, that didn't come about. The land has drawn much interest since by numerous developers and Baker waited for the right plans to come along before selling, he said.

"We're selling it because it is too valuable a piece of property to hang on to," said Fuller. "That's not our specialty. Our specialty is educating students, not developing land.

"There were several developers interested and Green presented a solid, quality plan," he said.

Fuller declined to reveal the selling price. Baker purchased the property in 1994.

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