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Surviving Christmas at home

December 27, 2000

When parents, in-laws and other relatives live hours away in opposite directions, sometimes you forget how nice it can be to have Christmas at home.

Dirty dishes and a few garbage bags full of wrapping paper were worth the absence of stress caused by long hours on the road and cramming two adults, a child, two dogs and tons of presents into an SUV (a compact car in our eyes, we almost need a school bus).

Oh, we still made it to all the relatives, but we did it between Thanksgiving and Christmas. After six years of marriage, I still haven't figured out a perfect or fair way to share the holidays with both sides of the family.

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  • Speaking of family and school buses ...

Next year, before any Christmas shopping is done, I think I need to hold a family meeting. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends will be given blueprints of my house and informed of what areas are available for additional toys.

My relatives think big equals best, and after opening presents Christmas morning, Emily didn't have any room to play. But guess what presents Emily went for first? The big ones.

And I'm still wondering what to do with the basketball hoop in my family room.

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  • I am awful proud of Baldwin's youth.

Driving around town last week looking for a snowman or other snow scene to take a picture of, I saw lots and lots of snow forts.

And Baldwin teachers must really be doing a good job, because some of these forts looked like they were designed by engineers especially the one just off of Eleventh Street, about a block from High Street. It was more like a snow house or igloo, and seemed to defy the laws of physics.

There were also the familiar forts used for snowball fights. You know, two tall walls facing each other and about throwing distance apart. In my neighborhood, growing up, it was my older brother and his friends against me, and that wasn't at all fair. I imagine there are some little girls out there in the same situation.

And by the way, there were plenty of snowmen, too.

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